California Native Plants

Ask me about creating a California native plant palette suited to the area you live in.

Landscape Plans

Unique plant palettes, precise CAD plans, landscape photo imaging, 3D rendering and web conferencing during the design development phase.

Design Details

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Landscape Photo Imaging

Shown below is an imaged view of a landscape design followed by a photo of the yard after installation.

Waterwise Transformation

Before Design

An unused lawn is replaced with a flagstone patio, flagstone stepping stones, low water use plants, gravel and a small vegetable garden.

After Installation

Native Carex Lawn

In the example below, a native Carex lawn has been planted with flowering shrubs and perennials.

Designing for Small Spaces

Townhouse Patio, Garden Room

Small spaces can present an interesting challenge as every square inch must be carefully considered and utilized - the end result being cozy and comfortable, outdoor garden room, living areas.

Townhouse Patio, Garden Room
Townhouse Patio, Garden Room

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Landscape Designer - Donna Lynn, Santa Barbara, CA

WELCOME to the website of LANDSCAPE DESIGNER, DONNA LYNN, Working in Santa Barbara and also providing Online Landscape Design for California, Arizona and Texas

During these times of self-isolation, working online can be a way to go. Site plans can be obtained online and photos can be emailed. From there, we work via screen sharing. Please conatact me for more information. 

 LANDSCAPES to LIVE in and EAT from


I offer landscape design that provides areas for outdoor living and simple solutions for growing edibles. Plant palette design focuses on providing year 'round color and interest as well as food and nectar sources for hummingbirds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Rainwater harvesting possibilities can be explored during the design process, as well. Virtual imaging in 3D or photo format is used as a visualizing tool. 


Allow me to help you create your own personal sanctuary.


Get started by letting me know something about your landscape concerns.  Go to the Services Page and fill out the questionnaire. From there let's have a phone conversation. If you live in Santa Barbara I will come out to take a look at your property and will, at that time, be able to give you a quote for doing the design work. 

"Donna, thank you for being so easy to get along with. We appreciate that you listened to what we wanted and didn't try to push us... you are a joy to work with!" - Patricia, Santa Barbara                    

Landscape for Outdoor Living: colorful painted walls, fireplace, pool with hillside slide and cave-like spa, grape vines on pool fence - Westlake Village CA

Planting Design

Southern Hemisphere plants with Agave attenuata

Using plant palettes based on area of origin as points of departure, a unique plant design is created for each client. Within each palette, plants that serve specific purposes are chosen, in addition to plants that provide interest throughout the year.

Outdoor Room Design

Fountain, tile patio, Mediterranean climate plants

Landscape design that provides a focus on outdoor room

 design and creating nooks, niches and lookouts - that can then be personalized with fountains, furniture, pots and garden ornaments.

Edible Garden Design

Fruit trees in stone planters on the slope

Including fruit trees and areas for growing vegetables is a recurring landscape design request. This can be accomplished in a number of ways depending on the needs and desires of the client. In the above example fruit trees were combined with native grasses and grass-like plants, colorful shrubs and perennials, and an ever-blooming slope cover that attracts hummingbirds and beneficial insects.

Rain Garden Design

Water Harvesting Basins with Fruit Trees and Flowering Plants
Planter with California Natives
Decomposed Granite Bike Paths in Water Harvesting Landscape
Back Yard with Water Harvesting Basins
After Rain

Large back yard landscape design in the Goleta Valley CA, designed with a park-like layout. The space includes a series of rain water harvesting, infiltration basins, fruit trees, native and Mediterranean trees and plants, a small lawn for young children's play, an area for outdoor living and growing vegetables and decomposed granite walkways. One hundred percent of the rain water that falls on the 19,000 sq. ft. area, is retained on site.

"Donna designed a lovely native, drought tolerant landscape for us, and worked with the landscaper to implement the design. The design included water harvesting features such as basins and swales to allow more time for water to penetrate the soil instead of running off. A recent storm put this garden to the test, and it performed well with very little runoff. We greatly appreciated Donna's patience, regular communication, design expertise, and her knowledge of native species."

Molly P. - Santa Barbara, CA

Back Yard Landscape Design

Landscape design with a focus on areas for outdoor living and entertaining.

California Native Plant Design

CA natives border walkway to front entrance

With a wide variety of California native species to choose from, natives can be applied to most garden design styles. Visit the Natives page to learn more.

"Donna was an absolute pleasure to work with. She listened to our ideas regarding a drought tolerant and edible landscape and came up with a beautifully designed yard space The digital renderings made it extremely easy to envision what the finished plan would look like., and were invaluable in our design making process. On top of that, Donna completed the design swiftly and was very affordable. If you're debating hiring a designer, do yourself a favor and work with Donna! The investment was well worth her expertise and design. Thank you so much for your help!!!"

-Steve Kerns

Virtual Landscape Design/Online Landscape Design

During the design process, virtual imaging in 3D or photo format is used as a visualizing sketch tool. In the example below, a small area is divided into separate outdoor living spaces. Proposed changes to the house are depicted as well.


after installation

after 9 months

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